Celebrating The Lifetimes of Your Family Past

...With those that lay before you.

Breathing life into your story is our specialty. Delivered with warmth and conviviality, we aim to delight and entertain you with the unique and intimate experiences, stories and imagery of your ancestors. We promise memories to cherish, share and pass on from an unforgettable family reunion.

Meticulous research following DNA analysis uncovered relatives from all points of the compass for one family. Canada, New York, Australia, South Africa, London, Ireland and Scotland were among those. The client reflects:

“We were surrounded by wonderful images, maps, photos and family trees that connected us all one to the other. The vivid story telling brought to life the lives of our shared ancestors such that we could almost taste, touch and feel what they did. More than anything we were all warmed from within by being in the company of a much wider family than we ever knew existed.”

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