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register-hereAll families have their folklore and intrigues but all too often connections are lost in the passage of time.

MacDonald & Rees have experts who meticulously research and analyse the highlights of your family’s past – and present them in a choice of elegant and timeless publications.

Embark upon your exciting ancestral exploration and discover your global network of family connections.





Combining the science of DNA with history and grandparental names, we interpret and present a personalised account with origins as far as 1,200 years ago to the present day.

We interpret the DNA results and present an elegant publication in either digital or softcover format:

  • An introduction to the use of DNA in family history
  • A visual map of the migration routes from earliest times and locations to the current concentration of your DNA
  • A narrative of the make up and some history related to your DNA signature
  • What this means to you and your family names
  • Name and DNA signature matches to others with the same or similar signature – thus opening new connections to potential family on a global scale
  • Connections and data are anonymous and secure until changed by you
  • Price £700 payable in instalments.



Researched and then enhanced around one family personality, before being stitched and bound in an elegant hardback cover of choice, the Family Time Line is a veritable Journey of a Lifetime.

  • Tailored around one family figure and their past and present relatives
  • Presented as a visually engaging journey through time
  • Contextualised with relevant historical events
  • Brought to life with your family’s own pictures, notes and images
  • Begins and ends with a striking collage of four family photos
  • Finished with a personalised cover of choice
  • Can be extended easily to a full Chronicle, added as a separate volume
  • Full price £1,950 payable in instalments.



Using your chosen Gateway Ancestor’s name as a start point, our Research Teams fully round out our exploration of your family history down that line. We work closely with you through a consultative process of discovery, over time.

Carefully placing the highlights that emerge into the context of well-known historical events, an editorial team blend this with your own personal history back to the mid-18th century, and your origins going back up to 1,200 years through advanced DNA analysis.

  • Authentic and personal
  • Blends history and the cutting-edge science of DNA
  • Presented as a story from circa 1,200 years ago to the present day
  • Professionally written and illustrated with eye-catching images and maps
  • Personalised with family anecdotes, images and photographs
  • Finished with a “gilt stamped” cover of choice
  • Full price £6,000 payable in instalments.

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